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Volunteer Opportunities

MARS Returnship is made possible by local industry leaders who enrich the program by giving their most valuable resource: time. Below are a few options to engage with the program:

As a mentor, you will serve as a resource to help your mentee grow both personally and professionally. This is a traditional mentor role, with the purpose of providing advice and guidance as they navigate back to the workforce.  We aim to pair mentors and mentees based on their background, when possible. Prior to introducing mentors and mentees, returners attend a session on Mentor Relationships, preparing them for how to get the most out of their mentorship, and what to establish in the first meeting. 

Time Commitment: Most returners spend 6 months in the program, depending on a variety of factors. We ask mentors to commit to 30 minutes bi-weekly (every other week) for approximately 6 months.

During this session, the speaker may discuss their career journey, such as: how they got into their chosen field, career transitions, career breaks, challenges they have overcome, work-life balance, or a path to leadership. A MARS representative will start the session and introduce you. After sharing your career journey, the Friday Fireside Chat concludes with a Q&A session. It is during this time the Returners have the opportunity to further inquire about the speaker’s journey or seek additional advice and suggestions. After signing up, a MARS representative will reach out to you to coordinate the date and time.

Time Commitment: This opportunity is a one-time, one hour commitment that involves speaking with the Returners during the lunch hour.

After signing up, your name will be added to a list of mock interviewers for the Returnship program. Our program takes a custom approach and Returners become ready for interviews at different times. Many volunteers choose to use their own questions, but we can also provide a list if requested. Feedback can be discussed at the conclusion of the mock interview, or you can choose to fill out an online feedback form.

Time Commitment: Once a Returner is ready to begin interviewing for roles, we will reach out to the next person on the list and ask for their availability of a 30-minute timeslot over the next few weeks.