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Why Partner with MARS?


Why Partner with MARS?

An Immersive Approach
Decades of Experience
The Perfect Match
A Strong, Progressive Leadership Team

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My company had partnered with MARS for about a year when we were introduced to their Returnship program. MARS had always been a great supporter of female tech talent, so this seemed like a natural progression of their offerings. Within 2 cohorts, we hired 3 graduates and had a great experience with all 3. MARS continues to be a strong diversity partner for us!

Why implement a Returnship Program?

Whether hired through contract or contract-to-hire, Returners offer a competitive advantage to employers and employees alike.

A way to tackle skills gap

Creates access to an extra pool of talent who either have the right skills or could easily be trained to develop them.

Improved gender, age, and cognitive diversity

Returner programs can support the drive for diversity in several ways:

Given that 89% of people out of paid work that are caring for family or the home are female, returner programs can support greater gender diversity across an organization.
Hiring returners can also improve the age diversity of an organization, bringing in individuals with higher levels of experience, maturity, and commitment.
Employers report that returners tend to offer a different way of looking at problems and situations, which can help enhance an organization’s cognitive diversity.

Access to a new high-caliber talent pool

Returners are often an overlooked pool of talent. Companies pass up highly qualified candidates simply because of a break in their resume.

For example, there is a large pool of women with professional experience who are economically inactive, and many women who are working in lower paid, lower-level roles to fit around family commitments.

These women have a high level of skills, education, and experience, as well as new skills gained during their career breaks.

Support for the female talent pipeline

The ‘brain drain’ of talent is a challenge familiar to many organizations. Hiring experienced returners is an innovative way to expand your female talent pipeline. This can also have a positive effect on your gender pay gap.

Improved broader attraction and retention

A successful returner program can have a positive impact on brand image, signaling your organization’s support for parents and caregivers in the workplace. It shows that your organization is open to and accepting of non-linear career paths. This can play a key role in both the recruitment and retention of talented employees.

Cost-effective recruitment

A Returnship program can be a cost effective way to bring experienced employees into the organization.

Business for Good as well as Good for Business

Supporting people who have taken a career break by bringing them back into the workforce is beneficial for society and the economy. Creating a path back to suitable-level roles will provide a viable choice for people to pause their careers. This can help to reduce the gender pay gap.