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MARS Returnship offers a powerful pathway for professionals to re-engage with the workforce. Your time away isn’t a gap—it’s an asset. We provide the tools, support, and opportunities to ensure your transition back is as smooth and successful as possible.

Companies that support our returners

Fortune 500 and companies from around the globe have helped our returners achieve their goal of returning to the workplace. We proudly collaborate with forward-thinking companies to craft meaningful returnship experiences.

Addressed the tech talent shortage, aiding a financial firm in hiring Kubernetes Developers through customized solutions, training, and professional development, resulting in 66.67% hires.

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MARS Returnship - An Alternative Talent Pipeline

At MARS Returnship, our mission is to eliminate a gap in employment as a barrier to a successful career in technology. We prepare high-caliber, technical talent to engage with employers that value diversity and inclusion which includes equity for those who have taken a break from their careers to meet life’s demands.

A Financial Institutions Path To Diversity In Technology

A Fortune 500 financial institution, headquartered in Green Bay, WI, faced a significant challenge. The bank was struggling to develop diverse tech teams within their organization.

Custom Technology Cohort for a Financial Service Firm

MARS Returnship was approached by an existing client of MARS Solutions Group that was having trouble finding Kubernetes Developers for their organization.

Meet Our Returners – Discover Exceptional, Diverse Talent

Searching for experienced professionals can be a challenge. Partnering with a returnship, or return-to-work program is your gateway to a pool of motivated, mid-career talent. By welcoming returners, your company doesn’t just grow—it evolves.


Business Analyst

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Software Quality Analyst

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Intermediate Applications System Developer

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Full Stack Developer

Key Skills:

Elevate Your Career

Effortlessly restart your career with our specialized program. Refresh your skills, acquire new knowledge, and explore exciting opportunities through mentorship and skill development. Unlock your potential and confidently navigate your professional journey with our dedicated support. Your success awaits!

Hire IT Talent

Discover Untapped Talent

Connect with a diverse array of professionals ready to bring their rich life experiences, renewed perspective, and mature talent back to the workforce. Join us in crafting returnship programs that not only fill your talent gaps but enrich your organizational culture.

Re-enter The Workforce

Align with MARS Returnship for ESG Excellence:

Joining forces with MARS Returnship not only enhances your talent acquisition strategy but also aligns with your ESG objectives.

Diversity Certifications: Our Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

At MARS Returnship, we take pride in our dedication to creating an inclusive workforce. We understand that a commitment to diversity goes beyond words.

Making Your Workplace Reflective of the World Around You.

Embrace experienced professionals and build a diverse, perspective-driven workforce that benefits your organization.

Find diverse talent

About MARS Returnship

MARS Returnship specializes in addressing diversity challenges companies may face by tapping into a skilled and diverse pool of talent. We help individuals restart their careers in technology after employment gaps, offering on-the-job training, mentorship, and a partnership approach to prepare them for a successful return to the workforce. MARS Returnship aims to provide high-quality talent to employers valuing gender diversity and inclusion.

Build High Performing
Diverse Tech Teams