Why MARS Returnship?

MARS Returnship is passionate about supporting you as a talented professional in your return to work while striving to make a positive difference.

Our focus is on empowering you to build on the skills you developed earlier in your career and using them as a springboard to your future role.

We have decades of experience with the technology placement industry and with the selection process for aptitude and soft skills. Our program is highly selective as we focus on the skills that you bring to the table that we know we cannot teach, such as commitment, drive, desire to succeed, hard work, and being a team player.


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Re-entering the workforce can be challenging. As your partner, we can help you:


Get Job Experience

Provide you with current and relevant job experience


Navigate Your Job Search

Navigate the complex job search landscape that is biased against breaks in employment


Reboot Your Confidence

Reboot your confidence that might have eroded despite significant past career achievements


Gain the Right Skills

Decide the specific combination of skills for training or self-study


Refresh Your References

Refresh your references that may be out of date


Achieve Work-Life Balance

Meet your unique needs for flexibility and work-life harmony

Apply Now If You:

If you meet the criteria below, we invite you to apply today!


have been on a career break and want to return to the workforce


want to return to work on a part-time or full-time basis


have prior experience working in Information Technology or a relevant field


are a strong communicator and a team player

Female professional

The Benefits: How it works

MARS Returnship 6-month program provides you with projects that match your expertise, interests, and abilities. Our program is focused on project work, coaching, and professional development, as well as networking events.

Although Returners are traditionally women, others are welcome to apply.

The MARS Returnship program focuses on:

Project Work.

Cohort members are provided with immersive, hands-on, project-based learning in a fast-paced Agile environment.

Projects provided are to address a real business need, giving each Returner real-world experience to put their skills to use.

Along with project work, coaching is available throughout the program to provide guidance when needed.


Professional Development.

A variety of sessions are provided including some specific to technology, and other more general topics such as productivity or wellness.

Friday Fireside Chats feature guest speakers who are brought in to share their personal career journey along with any lessons learned or advice for the group.

Professional development also includes being paired with a mentor that serves as a dedicated resource for the duration of the program.


Placement Assistance.

Through resume assistance, mock interviews, and networking opportunities, our team of staffing industry experts offer all the resources necessary to help Returners land their perfect career, and ease the transition back to the work environment.

Our objective is to provide a safe space for Returners to overcome the obstacles and challenges faced when re-entering the workforce. Content will focus on self-elevation, interviewing skills, and how you can prepare to further your career in the field.



Read why former returners loved our program

This returnship program has been such a crucial turning point for me, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to get back into the workforce. Some of the instant benefits that we can see from the returnship program are the detailed technical training in the stream that you are interested in, which includes assignment projects. The returners also have an open channel for communicating at any time with their trainer to get all their questions answered and improve their learning. Live in-house projects further help them to apply the knowledge gained.

While this technical upskilling is no less important, the intangible benefits that the returner gets are immeasurable. Being a part of a team, presenting retrospectives and getting feedback, having a mentor in a leading organization, regular Fireside chats with networking opportunities, several workshops about their resumes, and LinkedIn profiles are some of the many that I can think of immediately. Having the backing of MARS to polish your profile and present you in a positive light is the biggest advantage in the competitive job market.

I have completely benefitted from all of this, and am truly grateful to MARS for giving me this opportunity. I would encourage other returners like me to join this returnship program, which is a pathbreaking mission to empower individuals like me to find their footing again in the professional workspace. Thank you, MARS!



Having the opportunity to do an internship with MARS Returnship made a great impact on me as I was developing in my career. I was able to strengthen my foundation in software engineering and elevate my skill set by working on a complex project, managing, and developing a Web based application. The atmosphere for learning was open and feedback was encouraged by the staff. Mentors were provided and guest speakers were introduced to which helped me to expand my network in the tech industry. MARS Returnship also welcomed the inclusion of women of color on the team which created an environment that fostered growth, support, and diversity. After completing my internship, with the support of MARS Returnship I was able to land a role at Northwestern Mutual. Today, I continue reflecting on the moments and time spent with my team and internship at MARS. It has left an incredible impression on me and continues to impact me in a positive way even as an alum of the MARS Returnship program.



“Thank you so much MARS for giving us our careers back! From here we can go anywhere else, to give interviews, it gave us confidence, that real-time experience, and taught us many things. Thank you so much!”



MARS provided me with the perfect platform to hone my skills and effectively boost my confidence while returning back to work. Thank you MARS for the continued support.



MARS Returnship has been the wind beneath my wings! I developed the skills and knowledge needed to successfully market myself in a competitive labor market. Even the sun tries to shine each day, they say! Keep at it and emerge as the sun! Thank you, MARS, for helping me shine through!