Maybe you have been focusing on your family or pursuing a passion. At any rate, you have taken a break from your career, are looking to return, and are seeking a collaborative, exciting, and diverse place to bring your talent and skills.

Why do you need returnship?

What do you need to participate?

What are the benefits of participating?

Why do you need Returnship?

We understand that it is not an easy process to reenter the workforce. You need a partner;

  1. to navigate the complex job search landscape that’s biased against the gap in employment
    • The industry is unfortunately dominated by transactional non-technical recruiters that are laser-focused on keywords and number of years of experience defined by the job description
  2. to decide the specific combination of skills that are marketable in the desired region for training or self-study
  3. to refresh your references that may be out of date
  4. to reboot your confidence that might have eroded despite significant past career achievements
  5. to have better outcomes over training programs that do not meet your unique needs for flexibility and work-life harmony

Many programs focus far too much on education and training for upskilling and reskilling and you are left on your own to navigate the complexities of the job search. 

What do you need to participate?

MARS Returnship is passionate about supporting talented professionals in their return to work while striving to make a positive difference. The focus is on empowering you to build on the skills you developed earlier in your career and using them as a springboard to your future role.

We have decades of experience with the technology placement industry and especially on our selection process for aptitude and soft skills. Our program is highly selective as we focus on the skills that you bring to the table that we know we cannot teach;  such as commitment, drive, desire to succeed, hard-work, team play….you get the idea. 

Apply now if you:

  • have been on a career break for two years or more, and want to come back
  • want to return to work on a part-time or full-time basis
  • have prior experience working in Information Technology or a relevant field
  • are a strong communicator and a team player

If you meet the above criteria, we invite you to be a Returner Martian with us.

What are the benefits of participating?

Our 8-12-week paid MARS Returnship program provides you with projects that match your specialist expertise, interests, and abilities. Our program is focused on training, coaching, and development, as well as networking events. 

MARS technology returner program focuses on:

  1. Targeted upskilling/reskilling
  2. Dedicated 1:1 Mentoring
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Ease of transition to the full-time work environment
  5. Community of returners as you restart your journey
  6. Employment potential with our network of employer partners
  7. Access to networking opportunities

Our objective is to provide a safe space to discuss obstacles returners encounter when re-entering the workforce and how these challenges can be turned into opportunities. Content will focus on self-elevation, interviewing skills, and how you can prepare to further your career in the software engineering field.

Although our returners are traditionally women, others are welcome to apply.

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