Female employees have struggled in the last 18 months, especially mothers. According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, “one in ten working mothers with children under 18 said they quit a job due to COVID.” Half of this group reported that school and daycare closures in spring 2020 were their reason for leaving work. Additionally, the report noted that 30% of working mothers had to take time off work to care for children due to closed schools. 

Women have also faced lost pay during the pandemic. The KFF reported that “almost half (47%) of working mothers said they took unpaid sick leave because their child’s school or daycare was closed.” 

Luckily, a recent Center for Disease Control report stated that in-person learning should be a priority this fall. But even with schools and childcare centers reopening, returning to your career can still be a struggle.

A Bloomberg article noted that “signs are emerging that resume gaps and ongoing child-care responsibilities are still holding many women back.” The Washington Post reports that it could take over two years for women to regain the employment losses they faced during the pandemic.

If your employment has suffered from the pandemic or you’ve experienced a break in your career for any reason, a program like MARS Returnship can help turn this fall into the perfect opportunity to find your way back to a job you love. A gap in your employment doesn’t need to hold you back if you’re passionate about returning to your career.

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As your children return to their normal routines, you deserve to take charge of your own life. With MARS Returnship, finding the perfect career fit that allows you to grow and thrive can be within your reach.  

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