Are you contemplating a return to the workforce after a significant career break? If so, you’re in good company. Every year, countless individuals step back from their professional roles for a variety of reasons. A LinkedIn survey highlights that 62% of employees globally have paused their careers at some point. While 64% of women have paused their careers to focus on their families.

The thought of rejoining the workforce after an extended leave can be daunting, but it’s also an exciting one. This blog will guide you through the process of restarting your career and introduce you to the concept of returnship programs, specifically focusing on the MARS Returnship program.


Understanding Returnship Programs

A returnship program is designed to help individuals relaunch their careers after a break. They typically offer full-time employment opportunities with mentorship and support and be either paid or unpaid. Returnships are similar to internships but are geared toward more experienced professionals who have taken a career break to care for their families or pursue other interests.


The Benefits of Returnship Programs

Returnship programs offer numerous benefits to both the returnees and the employers. For the returnees, these programs provide an opportunity to refresh their skills, regain their confidence, and adapt to changes in the workplace. Additionally, returnship programs provide their participants with mentors, career coaching, and guidance as they navigate their reentry into the workforce. For employers, returnship programs are an innovative way to expand their diverse talent pipeline.


MARS Returnship Program

The MARS Returnship program is an on-ramp for professionals looking to restart their careers in technology following a gap in employment. The 6-month program provides on-the-job training, mentorship, soft skill development, and a partnership approach to prepare cohorts to rejoin the workforce successfully.


Why Choose MARS Returnship?

Restarting your career with MARS Returnship means empowering yourself to build on the technical skills you developed earlier in your career and using them as a springboard to your future role. The program provides you with projects that match your expertise, interests, and abilities and helps you navigate the complex job search landscape that is biased against breaks in employment.

MARS Returnship is passionate about supporting you as a talented IT professional in your return-to-work journey while striving to make a positive difference. The program is designed to meet your unique needs for flexibility and work-life harmony.


Restarting your career after a long gap can be a challenging task, but with the right support and guidance, it can be a rewarding journey. Returnship programs like MARS Returnship provide the necessary support and resources to help you navigate this journey successfully. Are you ready to take the leap and restart your career? Consider enrolling in a returnship program, it could be the key to unlocking your next career opportunity. – APPLY TODAY!